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The elements of life

Classic Modernism meets unique art

Our Concept

The Levante Parliament A Design Hotel   was opened in May 2006, after a three-year period of construction. It has 67 rooms, including 5 Juniorsuites. Our guests can also enjoy all the facilities of the Nemtoi Lounge with their fascinating, unique studio glass artworks. The building’s 400m2 inner courtyard is a wonderful venue for our guests. The atmosphere is exclusive and the light from the courtyard illuminates all the rooms and public areas in the hotel; there is a sense of peace and fortitude midst the bustle of the metropolis.
Our offer is complemented by a fully equipped fitness area, a Finnish sauna, an infrared cabin and a relaxing zone. 
Our hotel, built in 1908 in the "classic-modern style“ so typical of the era, has retained its original lineal design and simple architectural elements in spite of additions.
The four elements are the key architectural principles for the hotel: FIRE (light & transparency), EARTH (materials and colours), AIR (our rooms have a ceiling height of 3,3m) and WATER (fluidity and flowing forms) – coupled with all the technological assets of a modern design hotel.

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